Table of Contents

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Career @Osiriswebstudio.com

Our Mission Statements

  • Create effective print & web design solutions
  • Always fair prices & flexible packages
  • Always communicate, inform & educate

Now based in Singapore, Osiris Web Studio is a growing team of passionate designers and coders from all corners of the world. We exchange ideas, share dreams and we work closely. There is something that bond us together and moving forward.

Design within technology should be easily accessible by all businesses and enterprises.

We come from different design and online marketing background. We work behind the scenes for larger design firms and we have seen our fair share of trade discrepancies. Most smaller business and owners are at a disadvantage because they believe venturing online is both expensive, complex and unpredictable. We understand their concerns.

Osiris Web Studio is formed with the intention to save cost for business owners, while providing the same professional services. We now want to work directly with business owners and it does not matter if you are small medium enterprises or just a blogshop business owner.

Many web design and web development firms are charging way too much for their services, especially when their work simply consists of installation, uploading, copy & paste editing.

The experience ones will monitor and tweak the website performance in different areas, and clean up the bugs. The resourceful ones will seek all available help online and there is always a small group of runaways that just wriggle their way out of their responsibilities. We know and have seen too many cases.

Most of the web framework is distributed freely under General Public License or similar. Web designers and web developers simply need to install these frameworks. We share the same sentiments at Osiris.

Charge accordingly and fairly.

Clients are important to us and we believe in keeping this relationship special and strong. Providing great communication is another of our priority, which we regard seriously.

Always communicate, inform and educate

We take pride in our beliefs. We expect our team members to share our beliefs. Only then, we can stride forward.

Careers at Osiriswebstudio.com

We are dynamic here and we believe you should too, even when you are working together with us. We believe speed and efficiency works best only when you have that extra passion and discipline.

You do not need to

  1. Clock in and out of a fixed workplace. You decide where and when you work best.
  2. Come for an interview. We do need some details and verification from you.
  3. Worry about us revealing your portfolio online for all to see. We understand your worries and we do not show our portfolio online too, unless necessary.

You do need to

  1. Be passionate about design, web and online marketing
  2. Have online payment accounts to receive your fees/ salary. More information will be given after your admission
  3. Send us a brief resume and picture of yourself.
  4. Have experience and a good knowledge on design, web and internet, depending on your position.
  5. Be resourceful and have a good knowledge on what’s happening in design and internet industry

Positions available

  1. Data Entry/ Virtual Assistant: Basic internet knowledge and must have internet access.
  2. Copywriters: Good written skills in English, Chinese or Bahasa Malay.
  3. Illustrators: Must be creative and have experience with markers, charcoal rendering.