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Dynamic website Vs Static website design

Technology advances and the World Wide Web follows so closely behind. The internet is dynamic and today’s websites are no longer static as in the past. Static website design offers information and are still effective in delivering a web presence, but falls behind the engagement factor that dynamic websites offer.

So what are dynamic website? Dynamic website offers your visitors more than just a mere web presence. Dynamic website not only offers information, but automation, functionality and interactivity as well. Some examples include E-commerce website, Content Management System (CMS) website, Forum site.

E-commerce website is capable of

  • Providing product information
  • Converting sales
  • Upselling and cross selling
  • Automate sales and invoicing
  • Storing customers database

Content Management System (CMS) website is capable of

  • Building leads from mailing list, membership base, subscription opt-in
  • Building a community or stay connected with your customers or subscribers
  • Simplifying your work process: archiving, categorizing, sorting, compiling

In fact, the above functions are just some examples of dynamic website and the possibilities are endless, only confined by our creativity and planning. With the huge reliance on smartphones today, a dynamic website offers more exposure and channels for your business.

Build a strong web presence and start connecting with your leads 365/24/7 globally with a leading Singapore web design company.

Difference between E-commerce & Content Management System (CMS)

The main difference is the presentation and priority set. First impression makes a huge difference to your visitors/ leads, and you have to decide most suitable and effective web layout to not only attract them, but also to engage them positively. A good user experience should be one of the top priority to note before commencing your website design.

Next will be accessibility and performance. We want our readers and customers to enjoy a smooth experience within our website. We can integrate shopping cart features within a CMS website or vice versa, but how would that affect our readers or customers online experience with us?

There are many different E-commerce and CMS platforms to choose from, but not all frameworks are compatible with one another. Choose the platform that best cater to your needs. Not all frameworks are made equal in terms of stability, performance and SEO friendliness.

Choosing the right platform to build your website can minimize performance loss, higher overhead, maintenance frequencies, security lapse.

Osiris Web Studio is a Singapore website design company with the expertise and experience to elevate your web presence effectively. Our designers and coders have been building websites for more than a decade and we build both static and dynamic websites according to your business needs. Today, some web design agencies are still charging clients according to the number of webpages, but we only charge according to your business needs and web functionality. Once the functionality have been set and integrated, you can publish as many webpage as you require.

Singapore website design and development services

  • Website speed optimization
  • Webpage online SEO optimization
  • Integrated website security
  • Analysis and tracking reports on web performance and traffic influx
  • Online marketing strategy and implementation

We offer training tutorials if you choose to self-manage your website. You will also be given access to relevant control panels to manage your CMS or E-commerce website & web hosting.

We provide free web hosting

We believe in flexible web hosting as much as we love the dynamism of our internet. We have reliable web hosting partners in different geo-locations and data centers to best serve our clients.

When we manage your website, we take care of the backends too. We track your website 365/24/7 and we ensure 99% power uptime.

Your Learning Activity: Website Design, Development and Web Hosting

  1. Dynamic website offers more possibility, expandability and convenience in the future than static website.
  2. We can publish posts and updates easily to our dynamic website via our smartphone in less than 5 minutes, at anytime we need.
  3. Website design and functionality of E-commerce and CMS websites can be tailored and modified to different needs.
  4. You can publish as many html webpage as you need with dynamic websites easily.
  5. Popular E-commerce platforms include Zen Cart, Freeway, osCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop, phpShop, Magento, CubeCart, PHP Point Of Sale, Avactis, phpCOIN, Quick.Cart, Axis, osCommerce3, AlegroCart, etc.
  6. Popular CMS platforms include Zikula, Joomla, Geeklog, Drupal, Mambo, PHP-Nuke, SilverStripe, Website Baker, Pligg, MODx, Xoops, Typo3, Concrete5, phpwcms, Contao, Zazavi,PyroCMS, PHP-Fusion, etc.
  7. Most of the above frameworks are free & open source, and you can install more than one platform/ application on your website.
  8. More information on CMS & E-commerce
  9. Website speed performance is also dependent on your web servers specifications & location. Webpage speed performance has a direct connection with Search Engines Optimization (SEO)
  10. Most web design agencies do not own their web servers, they rent racks at limited locations only.