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What is Search Engines Optimization by Singapore SEO Company

The cycle of web traffic is simple to understand but yet hard to comprehend, due to the ever-changing search engines logarithm. Search Engines Optimization (SEO) helps clients gain a healthy and visible ranking within these search engines results, reaching out to your targeted audiences and possibly converting them into potential customers.

The advantages of SEO is huge. It is a long term process that attracts organic web traffic that is free and targeted to your business niche.

We offer both online analysis and offline solutions for your business needs.

Build a strong web and search engines presence with our online SEO services. A good and prepared foundation will offer you the needed platform to jump-start your online presence effectively. All our web design and web development packages will include a detailed analysis and implementation.

Our Premium Online SEO services:

  • Keyword analysis, SEO copywriting, onsite optimization
  • SEO Pricing starts from $100 Get a Quote

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. We will tweak and optimize your website to do just that, so your website will not only be search engines friendly but effectively informative to your audiences.

Our Premium off-site SEO services:

  • Keyword analysis, SEO copywriting, natural backlinks building
  • SEO Pricing starts from $800/ month Get a Quote
  • No Contract

Off-site SEO services work best with online SEO tweaking and implementation. The objective of these campaign is to gain a trusted standing in the eyes of the major search engines. Backlinking or link building is the heart of offline SEO projects and is often misguided. Abused offline SEO techniques include mostly spam backlinks on different platforms and are best avoided, as it can cause both short-term and long-term adverse effect on your Search Engines Ranking Pages (SERP).

SEO Copwriting

SEO copywriting falls under online SEO services and will largely aid in your SEO campaigns to rank for specific keywords in search engines. Our copywriters are native English writers, capable of producing quality articles with SEO in mind. Other available languages include French, German, Chinese, Malay, Bahasa Malay.

Premium Singapore SEO copywriting services

  • Written by professional writers
  • Research niche and write any length of articles (eg. 500 words and above)
  • Rewriting and converting your articles into SEO friendly content
  • Creating ultraspin articles for multiple republishing
  • SEO copywriting pricing starts from $150 per 500 word article Get a Quote

All in One SEO Pricing Package

In short, for those who just wants results. If you do not know where to start, we will help you plan and implement all the necessary details. You just need to help us fill up a form and we will do the rest. Local SEO in Singapore. If you want targeted traffic, leads, increased brand exposure, this is the ideal all in one SEO service that will elevate your online business.

  • Keyword analysis + SEO copywriting + Online SEO + Off-site SEO campaigns + Social Signals
  • SEO Pricing starts from $15o0/ month Get a Quote
  • No Contract

If you are in Singapore and prefer face to face live consultation, rather than emails or skype, kindly leave your contact details in Get a Quote and our representative will get back to you shortly.

Your Learning Activity: Online and Offline Search Engines Optimization SEO

  1. Major Search Engines (SE) include Google, Yahoo, Bing/ MSN (English market); Baidu, Soso, Sogou (Chinese market); Yandex (Russian market).
  2. Blackhat techniques include spam backlinks (offline), Keyword stuffing (online), and may risk penalties like much lower SE rankings, deindexed webpages, banning of website.
  3. Whitehat techniques are the opposite of blackhat SEO methods. The methods are in compliance with the major search engines guidelines, and are most likely not at risk with the above SE penalty.
  4. Online implementation provides the strong foundation for future offline SEO projects and Search Engines Marketing (SEM)
  5. Offline projects is a on-going process and if left abandon, your web traffic for your targeted keyword may gradually fall.
  6. Never link to Bad Neighborhood (Websites of poor standing in the eyes of search engines).
  7. Backlinks diversity consists of social bookmarks, article directory, press release, blogs, web 2.0, video, etc.
  8. Cost of offline campaigns are directly related to the competitiveness of your desired keywords. If your desired keywords are competitive, it may take more time, effort and investment to rank your website or webpage up the ladder.
  9. Always plan your strategy well to avoid flushing time and money down the drain.
  10. Successful campaigns will expose your website to a much larger targeted web traffic audience and the benefits are long-term.