Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin are important channels that will lift your web presence and accelerate your online marketing campaigns. These sites not only provide the platform to stay connected with your consumers, it opens up valuable channels to attract targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic = Increased leads & higher sales conversion

Our Social Media Marketing services (Organic Traffic Building)

  • Setup foundations and design with desired social media platforms
  • Analytic reports to track demographics (on selected platforms only)
  • Website integration
  • From $150 per platform Get a Quote
Our managed Social Media Marketing services (Paid Traffic Building)
  • Setup foundations and design with desired social media platforms
  • Manage accounts
  • Keyword analysis
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Implement marketing strategy
  • Analytic reports to track demographics
  • Website integration
  • Starts from $250 monthly Get a Quote

Social Media Design

Most social network sites offer design & development flexibility, especially important for branding, consistency and marketing. Stand out from the rest, and drive your message across effectively with our effective social media design services.

Your network of online channels should include social media sites. All the more you should brand them or use them as an ‘online interactive poster’ in your marketing mix.

Our Social Media Design services (on selected platforms only)

  • Branding with consistency
  • Customize design & copywriting for promotion, PR, advertising, etc
  • Starts from $80 Get a Quote

Integrated Social Media Automation

One of the biggest hurdle that prevents business owners from having more than 1 online channel is the problem of website/ online channels management.

Does having more online channels means more time, effort and overhead costs?

Many thought so, and rather avoid having more than 1 web presence. By avoiding, they lose out on potential sales leads.

Imagine if you can harness the power of social media sites & viral marketing, without the hassle of managing them and without the hefty monthly overhead costs?

Our Social Media Automation services (on selected platforms only)

  • Setup and implement automation process (with credit link)
  • One time payment only from $100 Get a Quote
  • Setup and integrate automation process (white label)
  • One time payment only from $180 Get a Quote

Your Learning Activity: Social Media Marketing, Design, Automation

  1. Different platforms cater to different industry and niche.
  2. Responsible for some of the largest viral marketing campaigns.
  3. Social media marketing may be more effective in long term run as it engages your audiences, instead of ‘pushing’ them.
  4. Open more doors to attract potential leads and in some cases, these sites are favored over conventional websites.
  5. Attract targeted traffic, that is relevant to your business niche.
  6. Consistent design elements across your online channels will help you brand your business better, instilling trust in your customers.
  7. There is no 100% success rate from any form of marketing, and that include your online marketing mix.
  8. There are more than 1000 social marketing sites today, and the numbers are still growing sharply.
  9. Automation saves time, money and effort; so business owners can fully focus and do what they are best in.
  10. Registration of most social media sites are free, but the gist is the proper implementation of these sites in your marketing campaigns.