2 of the Best Website Builder 2016

The web pretty much get easier with the rising emergence of website builder tools.

Sample Weebly page builder

Sample page builder

All these enable anyone and everyone to DIY their website design. At first glance with all the advertising headlines and affordable monthly subscription, it’s tempting to jump in get the beautiful web design done for you.

When you choose to rely your web presence with a website builder, you’re the artisan in charge of the visual design and web publishing.

This include the graphic work from color to image resolution and optimization.

This include all the graphic work from color to image resolution and optimization.

Website publishing Saas companies is a pain in the butt (lol) for many web designers and developers but we feel otherwise. Every business works differently and we respect that.

We’ve come across business owners who tried them out first and eventually left the website and management part to us. We asked why and the main reason most of them had in common was they rather spend their time and focus on what they do best.

There’s also a fair share of owners who have the time and rather do it themselves. Site builders work best for them.

Site builders are best for?

Small business owners are the target group for these kind of drag and drop webpage builder tools. Low cost, professional looking design templates with no design and coding knowledge.

Honestly, you don’t need any of the web designing technical knowledge if you’re fine with plug and play solutions. Is like going to the fast food and grabbing a burger off their menu.

Your creativity is within their boundary. Simple customization like font text and colors is easy to implement though. Layout positioning is equally simple by drag and drop.

Before we dive into 2 of the best website publishing service providers, let’s talk a little about page builders.

Difference between Page Builder and Website Builder

WordPress Page builders will still require installation, configuration and hosting. There’re an increasing number of different page builders around in the market and since these are built by different web developers, theme and plugins conflicts may arise.

In simpler explanation, page builders are only part of these website builders which offers a 1-stop solution from domain configuration to your website going LIVE. If you’re concerned with the onsite SEO and mailing list feature, they’re also included in our featured best 2 website builders.

Let’s continue on with the best website builders in 2016.

best website builder

Everyone of them runs the advertising headlines shouting to be the best website builder, boosting millions of users.

Let’s showcase the best 2 leading industry forerunners when it comes to DIY building your website.

Please note the more expensive paid subscription plans by both service providers have some premium features and comparatively better web hosting performance. Prices indicated in USD.

The free plans will have their advertisements sticking in your websites and you can only use their subdomains. subdomains are like yourcompanyname.wix.com.


Web Creation Made Easy. Over 90 Million People use Wix, including free users.

Wix featured design

Wix featured design

Monthly subscription price starts from Free to 24.50 monthly. Wix premium paid plans include Premium Support, Google Analytics and free Web Hosting.

Wix features more than 280 website templates for different niche industry. They also have a App Market which include free and paid addons, to further enhance your website functionality.

Suitable for eCommerce, Corporate websites, blogs.

  • Real Estate Landing Page
  • Web & Graphic Designer
  • UX/UI Designer Resume
  • Actor & Model Resume
  • Food Stylist
  • The Nail Lab
  • Web App
  • Acupuncturist
  • Business CV
  • Professional CV
  • Journalist CV
  • Poster Shop
  • Coming Soon Landing Page
  • Boutique Beer
  • Author Website
  • Cocktail Bar
  • Academic CV
  • Creative Studio
  • Multidisciplinary Designer
  • Graffiti Artist


Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place. About 40 million users use Weebly, including free users.

Weebly design templates

Weebly design templates

Offers free and paid subscription plans. Their more expensive plans which gives you an online shopfront to sell stuff online starts from $25 with more powerful plan at $49 per month.

Weebly design theme templates covers Online Store, Business Portfolio, Personal, Event, and Blog.

They also have an App Center (Free and Paid) to further enhance your website features and functions. Categorized under eCommerce, Communication, Marketing, Social, Site Tools & Features, APPS.

So which is better?

Both Wix and Weebly has great community support and have been around in the web industry for quite some time. Is pretty hard to say which one is better over the other as we all have different expectations and preference.

We had some reservation about Wix though.

Wix does not allow you to export your website. If you want out of Wix and retain your web design, the only solution is to retrieve the frontend source code into files.

Though Wix has far more design templates, you have to rebuild your website all over again if you want to change design. Not very convenient and prudent.

Changing web design for Weebly is simple and straight-forward. Just choose the design template desired and you’re pretty much done. The content remains unchanged.

Since both offer a free account, we strongly advise you to first try out their free account. Go with the one that gives you a better user experience.

To take advantage of their full and advance features, sign up to their paid premium plans instead. Wix has a 14 days money back guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee for Weebly.

If none is to your liking, you can always engage us. Big smile.

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