Smaller Online Sellers needs to have a Marketing Plan – Food For Thought

Selling is a scary word. When someone feels that you’re trying to sell them a service or product, most of them will back off and cut the conversation.

Other than trying the persistent tactic, what are the ways to sell to real people online.

Before selling, we need to reach the people whom we want to reach.

Preferably you have it all laid out on the buyer persona. While there are marketing talks against creating buyer personas, we feel is useful to have an idea of who your ideal customers are. It doesn’t have to be super multi-levels deep.

Only then, we can reach them in their favourite hangouts online.

Marketing plan need NOT be complicated

Marketing plan need NOT be complicated

Everyone is Looking for Something Online

Always assume this until proven wrong. At least this will get you moving instead of sitting behind your screen, rotting.. waiting for miracles.

Sounds harsh?

We apologise but the internet works this way, like in the real world.

When you want to achieve something, you need to go for it. Reach out.

We’re all here on the internet to sell something. It doesn’t necessarily mean direct selling.

Straightforward sell tactics don’t work unless the perceived value exceeds their expectations.

The Perceived Value

This perceived value can be anything.

  • Why will they engage your services or buy your products?
  • How will they know about your value?

An example – Small Online Sellers VS Big eComm Stores

Blatantly, we are getting more stingy online. We have the perception – buying online equates to cheaper, more affordable and DEALS.

You can’t blame us for thinking this way because the bigger brands have been moulding user’s buying behaviour to stiffen the competition.

To edge an advantage over the eRetail Giants, smaller online sellers can perhaps leverage on the personal touch factor.



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