Corporate Identity and Graphic Design

corporate branding online and offline

Importance of Corporate Identity

Your corporate identity is the professional image your business conveys itself to both your customers and competitors. A strong corporate identity will help define your business values and personality, and we specialize in creating identity pieces that is strong, positive and effective.

Your corporate identity will lead the path in your future marketing mix campaigns and your corporate logo is the first step of all branding process. If you thought about branding your business towards a specific market, then you need an effective corporate logo to be your flag bearer. Basic corporate identity and corporate stationery package will include logo design, business card design, letterhead and envelope design.

Creating Corporate Identity has always been our forte and still is.

Our graphic designers are from different cultures and have created more than a thousand logo for many different niches of business around the globe. Designing corporate logo isn’t all about creating one that is only visually appealing. We think, analyse and research the design components that will best highlight your business identity and increase your brand equity.

Our Corporate Identity services

  • Corporate logo
  • Print Corporate stationery includes business card design, letterhead, envelope design
  • Web Corporate stationery includes QR codes branding, social media page design (Facebook/ Twitter), flash animated logo, web banner, screensaver, wallpaper
  • Prices start from $350 Get a Quote

Print and Graphic Design

Visual communication tools in print remains as one of the more necessary marketing mix for many large, medium and small enterprises. We are confident we can bring out the best conversion rate in your print advertising and promotional activities.

Our Print and Graphic Design services

  • Direct mailer, flyer and invitation card design
  • Folders and brochures design (Tri-fold, bi-fold, pamphlets)
  • Magazine placement and advertisement design
  • Poster, booklet and catalog design
  • Prices start from $600 Get a Quote
Your Learning Activity: Corporate Identity and Graphic Design

  1. Corporate identity is more commonly known as logo design but more specifically, it is the first step to branding.
  2. There are basically 5 classification of logo design and they simply serve as a gateway for more ideas. Wordmarks, Letterform marks, Marks, Abstract marks, Emblems
  3. Corporate stationery should normally be consistent in its design across all different media, unless promotional.
  4. More online businesses, e-commerce shops, blogshops are aware of the importance of a professionally-designed corporate logo. This usually works well with their chosen domain name to create a memorable and trusted impression on their audiences and customers.
  5. Some websites offer cheap or free logo design download. These logo design are clipart or logo templates which are freely available. They are never unique and it is not surprising to find these logo used as corporate logo for different companies in diversified business industry.
  6. Most print and graphic design depends heavily on layout design, where the graphic designer plan the hotspot areas in a visually appealing placement.
  7. The difference between a graphic designer and a desktop publisher lies in creativity, analytic ability and acceptance.
  8. It is preferred to set your image resolution for print design and web design at >300 dots per inch (dpi) setting and >72 dpi respectively
  9. Color setting for print design is usually set at CMYK (Cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and RGB (Red, green, blue) for web design
  10. The number of colors in your corporate logo is only important for commercial offset printing. Full color printing does not really matter in digital printing.