Google Chrome Force HTTPS on Your Website

Not sure if you guys have seen the odd looking warning text in red, when using Google Chrome browser.

Rather disturbing to be honest. If you can’t spot it.. is just at the left corner of the url address bar.

Not secure warning in Chrome

Not secure warning in Chrome

That forces us to do comply and it’s a good thing 🙂

Is pretty tedious if you’ve a large site where you’ll need to fix those mixed assets issues but we know we had to do it and it’s all worthwhile.


Because we’re in the web technology and marketing industry. We need to take the lead to show our clients we’re current with the latest web technology happenings.

A Not Secure warning in red is pretty bad user experience. Especially when Google Chrome dominates close to 60% of all desktop users.

Google Chrome Most Used Browser - Apr 2017

Google Chrome Most Used Browser – Apr 2017

This hurts trust and reputation.

If you’re operating an eCommerce store or selling anything online, you really ought to start using SSL certification.

To consumers and users, the SSL and HTTPS is a basic requirement to show your online store is actively protecting customers and adheres to best practices. In short, you care for your site users.

The whole HTTPS is like your brand image. Yes, we’re making some reference to branding and the security lock is part of your online branding package.

Thanks again for reading and be good 🙂

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