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SEO is synonymous with getting organic traffic from search engines. Internet marketing agency which focus on selling search engine optimization services are pitting against each other for the keywords.

Please note this article is a high-level view on SEO, to get you thinking and analysing. Not a spoon feed-step by step guide.

But just viable is this keyword if you were to advertise in adwords?

Let’s look at Singapore SEO

Singapore SEO keyword competition analysis

Singapore SEO keyword competition analysis

The cost per click (CPC) is about $13 for the keyword Singapore SEO if advertising through Google Adwords. Through organic search traffic, about 390 visitors.

Do note these are phrase match search results. A keyword research brings out some data but not 100%. Please note these data only gives you a lean idea.

Drill into deeper and compare with the Google Adword tool.

CPC from Google Adwords tools sample size

CPC from Google Adwords tools

If the cost per click is that high, wouldn’t it be better to invest in SEO instead? For the long run?

Hope the above get you thinking :). Want to gain a stronger online presence? You either DIY or outsouce to a reliable agency. Time is money and web technology moves fast.

Another tinker before we wrap up this updated content.

Why are internet marketing agencies placing expensive AdWords advertising? Can’t they just use their own SEO service and rank up through the search engine listings?


Please also note the above is just scratching the surface and there’re workarounds.

search engine optimization service Singapore

Is SEO really free?

Likewise in every city with heavy internet users, every business online wants a slice of flowing traffic and what better way to have it free through organic search listings.

Not free because there are costs and resources involved to rank up your keywords. Depending, these monthly subscription costs may be even more than what you will spend on Google adwords.

But in the long run, investing in SEO is better solution than CPC advertising.

The above content is included on November 2016. The original date of first published was in 2011. SEO is dynamically changing but the fundamentals are the same, only branched.

Global search results are different from local search results

Google is the top search engine with the largest global market share of about 75%.

Google market share worldwide

Google market share worldwide

When users in Singapore type in, a script will automatically redirect them to their local Google search engine unless the user specifically chooses to search on global Google instead. Even so, users choosing to search online with global Google is more than local Yahoo, its next closest competitor.

Let us take a quick look at the keyword competition level for our search term first. We will be looking at competition level only for this case study.

p.s – sorry for the missing image

Here we can see the competition is high for our example keyword while the long tail keywords are on the medium competition range. So it will be easier to rank for long tail keywords directly.

In this case it will be easier to rank Singapore SEO company, Singapore SEO services, Singapore SEO consultant than our example keyword. We will observe how these long tail keywords are used within the top 10 websites for our example keyword.

Let us take a quick look at the top 10 positions for the search term Singapore SEO for global and local search engine.

The left column shows the top 10 positions in and the top 10 placements within will be at the right column.

Not much difference for the top 10 placeholders but there is an obvious entry with a profile face in for our search term.

A very comfortable position at #7 and it is not even website in the web design or SEO niche. This technique is known as Google Authorship and the click through rate (CTR) is astounding.

A few things noted for those wanting to learn more on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Notice the common trait in all top 10 placeholders in local and global Google?

They all have their targeted keyword in either their title and description. This is the first and fundamental onsite Google SEO to-do list if you are building your own website for search engine optimization purpose.

Include your keywords in your website and webpage meta title & meta description.

This is how our websites and webpages communicate with the search engines spiders. If you own an electronic shop retailing cameras, others will know what you are selling because of your main and promotional signboards.

Meta title and meta descriptions follow the same logic.

Note that long tail keywords are used within the meta titles or description in some of the top 10 websites.

What about keywords within your domain or webpage?

The first 2 listing have their keywords in their ranked webpage, while some of the lower placeholders in the top 10 Google SERP have the part of their targeted keyword in their domain.

Exact Match Domains used to be really effective, but recent Google logarithm changes watered down the effectiveness and the abuse.

We will not be dissecting the onsite SEO of the websites in this case study, but it will give you a good guideline on keyword density, keyword emphasis and tags.

All these are only part of the SEO services implemented to rank your website or webpage. There are other factors but onsite SEO implementation will be the foundation for future campaigns.

Link building or otherwise known as off-site search engine optimization is another potent factor to rank your website and webpages.

Moving on, why invest in search engine marketing or SEO?

Busy Singapore

Singapore is a first world country with population density ranked within top 5 positions in the world.

According to Internet World Stats, there were 4,015,121 internet users in Singapore as of 30 June 2012.

This represents about 75% of the entire Singapore population. The increasing sales of smartphone and tablets with internet access (via 3G, 4G, wifi) also attributes to this growing figure.

According to Paw Internet, searching online and emailing activities are the top 2 online activities for Singapore internet users.

As seen in the earlier demographic, Google search engine remains the top choice among Singaporeans.

With such positive and growing figures, isn’t it time for you as a Singaporean business owner to venture online?

If you've been burnt by other SEO agency, talk to us

If you’ve been burnt by other SEO agency, talk to us. We’ve been involved in internet marketing since 2010.

Singapore SEO and online marketing is not only for big corporations. Small medium enterprises will benefit as well in the long run with the growing trend of smartphones and tablets users.

If you do not want to spend excessively on search engine marketing aka SEM services, search engines optimization will be an excellent direction to head towards.

Online marketing covers a wider range than just search engine marketing and search engine optimization. The next big thing will be social media marketing, or should we say they have arrived.

The global internet scene is shifting rapidly towards social media in the last few years and what does this mean for Singapore internet marketing people and online business owners?

A static web presence is simply not enough for the present online users. Websites need to progress along with materials and campaigns to engage them.

Successful social media campaigns will reap the benefits of viral marketing, which effectively means more traffic and possibly sales. Stay tune in our next case study on Singapore social media marketing and how social media signals affect your webpage and website ranking in Google search engine.


So who decide on which company firm makes the cut as one of Singapore Top SEO Company?

Seriously we’re not vying for that position or anything Singapore SEO because of interest conflict.

If you want to have a strong web presence and uncertain on how & where to start from, we are certain we can help.

We have partnered with more than a hundred satisfied clients and helped small medium enterprise business owners in growing their online presence and profiting from these leads.

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